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One of the things that surprised me a little when I returned to Magic after my long hiatus was the inclusion of foil cards. I pretty quickly decided I didn’t like them. They’re not as pliable as normal cards, they tend to warp like crazy, and the foiling effect makes the art hard to see. I also subscribe to the idea that all the copies of a given card in your deck should be the same art, same language, same edition, so that you don’t give away information about your hand or deck during a game.
That said, I support the inclusion of foil chase cards in Magic, because some people like them, and that drives up purchasing of Magic boosters, which keeps Wizards in business and keeps my favorite game around. A win all around.
In this deck tech from this year’s German nationals, Thomas Jungmann talks about one bit of essential tech for his tournament deck:
“I de-foiled the deck before the tournament to avoid game losses.”
Wizards has been shifting things around to make their prerelease and release bonus cards be some of the more exciting rares from the set. Thus, our foils this time around included Demigod of Revenge and Figure of Destiny, both staples of the kind of mono-red deck (sometimes “Demigod Red”) that Jungmann brought to his nationals, and both staples of similar mono-red decks in the Berlin 2008 PTQ season.
Unfortunately, if your only foils are, say, four Demigods, then a judge may be able to cut to them consistently, yielding a game loss for marked cards. That’s been happening, and it really sucks. One solution is to pepper your deck with other foils — but the other, cheaper solution is to just do what Thomas did, and play without foils.
Not an issue for me, except that I have two prerelease Demigods just hanging out in my collection at this point. Maybe they should go on the auction block, to be played with and loved by folks who like the chase.

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  1. Great point.
    I usually sell or trade my foils. I’m not really a collector so anything that helps me get more tournament non-foils is good thing in my book.

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