Razer Tender

Continuing with my plan of making a deck from each Shard, I now move on to cover Naya, with…
Razer Tender
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24 Creatures:
Llanowar Elves
Bloom Tender
Quirion Dryad
Woolly Thoctar
Chameleon Colossus
Realm Razer
14 Spells:
Commune with Nature
Naya Charm
Flame Javelin
22 Land:
Battlefield Forge
Karplusan Forest
Treetop Village
Rugged Prairie
15 Sideboard:
Battlegrace Angel

The Naya color combination is pretty much purpose built to yield aggro decks. Although we’ve moved away from the era of Tarmogoyf, we’ve picked up the ability to have a three-color manabase without getting Blood Mooned out of the game. That said, we have the ability to knock our opponents out by dropping one or more big creatures, and then Armageddoning them right out of the game.
…and Bloom Tender works wonderfully well with all these cheap, three-color creatures.
…and even better, Bloom Tender can kick out three-mana spells (say, some Thoctars) once the Razer hits play. Sweet.
Okay, on to the deck. This sucker curves out from Llanowar Elves through Bloom Tenders and Dryads up to Thoctar, Colossus, and Razer. It’s all about dropping giant creatures, clearing things out of the way with incinerates and Charms, and completely icing the game whenever possible by dropping a Razer. It is, on the whole, utterly straightforward. There’s also great synergy, as I mentioned, between a Tender in play and a Razer.
The Communes are there to bring up the fat faster, with a special emphasis on getting a Razer into your hand.
What about the sideboard?
We have four Wispmares to kill Blossoms, and a full set of Firespouts to clear out those pesky hobbits. In addition, we have quad Spitebellows to kill off other fatties — with a special emphasis on Demigods (notice how I keep worrying about Demigods?). Finally, we have what I think may be my favorite innovation — Battlegrace Angel.
The Battlegraces replace Loxodon Warhammers. Seriously. Rather than six mana to drop and equip a Warhammer and then have your creature burned out from under it, instead, we drop a Battlegrace, and on the same turn, attack with one of the fatties we already had in play. If they burn that way, we still have a Battlegrace to come in next turn.
Way better than a hammer.

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