Help a pudding out

While you’re kitting out your Shards of Alara purchases, you may want to stop by ebay seller deathtopudding. I do not know this person, but as of this post they have a feedback of 100% and a feedback rating of 99, and as they say in their listings:
“Recently, a mix up in the an order for Shards of Alara product has left my store with more product than it can afford (Long story involving a duplicate order form). As a result, I will be listing tons of Shards of Alara cards at firesale prices. However, I’m going to have to require payment within 48 hours. This is because I need the money to pay off the massive credit card debt this error left me with, and I want to avoid the ridiculous interest rates on late payments.”
The prices really are low for a decent subset of Alara cards, so it’s worth taking a look. You can pick up some of the Ultimatums, Vein Drinkers, Realm Razers, and other fun cards, all for genuinely cheap prices. Help a pudding, help yourself.