Recommended seller: DJ Magic Cards

Last month, I talked about how I buy cards when I discussed my projected purchases from Shards of Alara. In that post, I mention that I buy through ebay, but I realized since then that I should have amended that to say that I buy largely from ebay, with the exception of some additional purchasing through sellers I know from ebay.
Over the course of the last year or so, ebay has become a bit more difficult for collectible game sellers, as the minimum price for store items has gone up, making it hard to effectively clear out back stock of low-cost singles. Combined with the ever-present listing fees, it can end up being more economically sound to have your own store. As it happens, sometimes one of the sellers I use on ebay goes ahead and splits off their own store, although they usually keep their ebay account as well.
Today, I’m giving a heads up about DJ Magic Cards. Since I got back into the game, they’ve been one of my purchasing stops. They’re easy to use and reliable, and always ship promptly. As is always the case with sellers, their prices may end up being higher than you can get in an auction — but often they’re just plain old cheaper, and also as always, you’re saved the trouble of dealing with auctions if that’s a problem for you or you just don’t like having to do last-second bids. They offer discount coupons for each new release, and their shipping is cheap.
If you’re buying Magic singles, I recommend looking to DJ Magic Cards as a solid, reliable source with good pricing and cheap shipping.

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