These are not the triggers you’re looking for

In this earlier post, I highlighted the “lose to my own Glimpse of Nature” play that caught out both Grgur Petric and Zac Hill in their matches against Pascal Vieren. The way it’s told in the coverage, it sounds like most of the story is just a funny bit about losing to part of your own combo. Over on the SCG forums, Zac Hill makes the point that it’s actually about Pascal making an amazing mental play:
No, I was drawing a card every time I played a man. But he’d playtested the exact same decklist and knew what the plan was, and so when I got the correct four guys on the table and activated Entity at 1, Pascal said “Yeah yeah I know the combo. How many times are you going to do it?” I said “100”. He said “you’re dead.” The reason both Grgur and I got “gotten” was the like resigned tone of voice Pascal managed as if he was already in the process of scooping his cards. I told Bill about the massive punt for the WoTC coverage because it was, you know, newsworthy that the G and I had played so terribly, but it really needs to be looked at as a masterful Jedi Mind Trick by Pascal.
I’d already had the impression that this was a “forced” error based on Pascal’s question, but the elaboration on exactly how he forced it makes the story even better.
I’d like to say I wouldn’t let that happen to me, but then, I let someone Prowl out a Notorious Throng off of a Mistbind Clique hit last week, so I’m in no position to talk.

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