Grand Prix Los Angeles 2009 – information

Sunmesa events has begun posting information about Grand Prix Los Angeles 2009. This event, scheduled for January 17th and 18th, with GP Trials on the 16th, will be in the Extended format. There are also a number of side events, including a PTQ for Honolulu (and, as always, the top competitors in the GP proper will receive invites to that Pro Tour).
Click here for the GP Los Angeles 2009 information site
Notes on the event, in brief:

  • Pre-register to receive for the venue hotel and get a free draft
  • First 650 participants receive a Stoic Angel play mat
  • GP trials start at 12pm on the 16th and are 32-player, single-elimination flights
  • First two GP trials of the day are half price
  • Side events include a PTQ and a bunch of other stuff
  • Guest artist is Volkan Baga

All in all, it sounds quite good. If I can, I’ll be attending, and will hope to hit one or more GP trials. Ideally, I’d attend a local one well ahead of the event. Superstars is having one tomorrow (that is, Saturday, December 13th), but I can’t make it. The Sunmesa site promises to list other GP trials soon, so check the site and maybe find one in your area. If you can manage it, a three-round GP bye is pretty nice.
If you’re in the Los Angeles area around mid-January, it’s worth popping by to give the GP a shot, check out the side events, see (and maybe play against) some pros, and just have a good time.