Worlds 2008 top eight (Way to go, Frank!)

The final standings for worlds are up, and here’s your top eight:
1. Paulo Vitor damo da Rosa (42 points)
2. Antti Malin (42 points)
3. Kenji Tsumura (42 points)
4. Frank Karsten (41 points)
5. Tsuyoshi Ikeda (40 points)
6. Hannes Kerem (40 points)
7. Akira Asahara (40 points)
8. Jamie Parke (40 points)
I’m happy to see Frank in this top eight, as he’s an entertaining player to watch (if, potentially, a rather slow one). Notably, both Frank and Kenji have been putting “less emphasis” on Magic this year. This is another impressive finish by Paulo, and in general is a top eight just chock full of experienced players. Congratulations, then, to Hannes Kerem, whom I’d never heard of before this event.
With a strong 17th place finish, Aaron Nicastri should also be the rookie of the year this year — unless Kerem straight up wins Worlds (shades of 2004 there), or forces a playoff with a tie and certain team results from Austalia. While we’re talking “of the years,” Olivier Ruel settled in at 37th place, and will not be stealing the prize from Shuhei, so that’s set.
For fun, check out just how Frank, with ‘not enough time to test,’ put together his Faeries deck.
Finally, in teams, we have Brazil in first place and Japan in second, with the US and Australia taking third and fourth place, respectively.