Worlds 2008 — predicting the outcome

To start with, I’m basically rooting for Frank Karsten to win. He’s entertaining as a writer and player, and he might well have won Worlds 2005 but for a fairly significant gameplay error on the part of, well, everyone present at the final match. That said, what do the players’ records from the Standard portion of Worlds suggest about their likely success?
First, what were the records?
6-0 – Akira Asahara
5-1 – Tsuyoshi Ikeda, Kerem Hannes, Paulo Vitor damo da Rosa,
4-2 – Kenji Tsumura, Frank Karsten
3-3 – Antti Malin
2-3-1 – Jamie Parke
That bodes ill for Mr. Parke.
I was wondering, perhaps, if I could find out how the players fared against each other in the Standard rounds, but none of them played each other, so that’s out. Absent really knowing what their matchups were, I think the most we can safely say is that Jamie Parke is in trouble, and perhaps — perhaps — Antti Malin won’t make it past Akira Asahara. But who knows? Maybe Malin just needed some time to get up to speed.
I’m looking forward to tomorrow (well, later today — I really need to sleep!).

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