Why do you hate Elves? (redux)

Almost a year ago to the day, I wrote a post with this title that had nothing to do with what this post is going to be about. But it occurred to me that the name is apropos, and I really enjoyed the original.
As we head into a new Extended PTQ season, I’ve been watching and participating in forum traffic concerning new builds and revisions of current builds meant to challenge and win at PTQs (as a reminder, here’s an overview of our current metagame). From that forum traffic, I’ve culled a couple recurring concepts:
Elves is a cheap deck, so many people will be playing it.
Elves is easily hated out, so not many people will be playing it.
Zoo is the default deck.
Mono-blue control will not be common, so why defend against it?
This last one brought me up short, because I think it’s the most problematic thought in the bunch. Now, for starters, I’m in an area with a lot (a lot!) of good players, so it’s reasonable to expect that you’ll run into more than a few mono-blue control builds. However, there’s a second, more important point, and it’s one that I coincidentally just saw remarked on by Mike Flores in this article from last May. Let’s roll out the key sentence here:
The deck to make Top 8 is almost certainly a different deck than the one that you want to actually win the tournament.
Here, let me expand this thought to say that the deck to make top eight is a different deck than the one you’d bring to face the field.
To clarify, maybe it is likely that there won’t be so many players running mono-blue decks in the tournament as a whole. However, if you’re planning on winning the whole thing, then you’re also planning on being at the top tables, and if that’s the case, you’re going to be playing against decks that good players brought.
Or, briefly, I expect to hit a lot of mono-blue control.
Of course, I also expect to have to plow through a big dose of Elves and Zoo, so what I’m basically coming to is the fairly boring conclusion that anything I need to play has to be able to beat MUC, Elves, and Zoo. Woot! However, I think it’s important to be able to point your emphasis in the right direction, and I think that will mean beating countermagic-oriented control builds more than anything else.
After all, the point of going to the PTQ is to win the whole thing, right?

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