The price of old things

As I wrote earlier, I was selling some old minis and other stuff off on ebay last week. Here are the final selling prices:
The Last Starfighter Tunnel Chase game came in the lowest, at $1.25. I guess that 1984 bad-SF-movie nostalgia isn’t strong enough.
Random Eldar came in at $3.50, and the Space Marine diorama at $4.28.
The Chaos Space Marine collection hit $42.75, while the now-rare Melniboneans came in at $52.00.
The Imperial Space Marine boxed set that I bought way back when for $20 sold for $88.78. What’s sad about this is that it would run a person about $110 to field an equivalent number of plastic Space Marines these days, so even though I made a massive profit, it’s still a great deal for the buyer.
Finally, my old Harlequins sold for $97.77, which surprised me until I realized I was offering a complete set — unlike the little groups of Harlequins I’d seen sold on ebay previously.
I hope everyone enjoys their new toys.