Blue shift

Here’s the archetype round up from the four PTQ top eights from last weekend that have posted on the Wizards site. I’ll bold the winning archetype in each case.
Rockville: 1 Burn, 1 Rock, 2 Mono-Blue Control, 1 Affinity, 1 UGW Control, 1 Mind’s Desire, 1 All-In Red
Adam Levitt’s UGW deck featured a MUC frame with Kitchen Finks in the main and triple Kataki in the side, as well as triple CoP: Red.
Madison: 3 MUC, 1 Sligh, 1 Tezzerator, 1 Rock, 1 Affinity, 1 UB Tron
Columbus: 2 Affinity, 2 Zoo, 1 Death Cloud, 1 Mind’s Desire, 1 MUC, 1 Elves
Interesting that Affinity is still going strong even after the double top eight in Los Angeles.
Burlington: 7 MUC, 1 Elves
Check that out. In fairness, the third place finisher had Tarmogoyfs and a single Rude Awakening in his deck, hearkening back to various levels of blue last season. Regardless, that is one mirror-rific top eight.