iMTG (and a few others)

iMTG is a new launch point meant to aggregate a wide range of Magic blogs, podcasts, and other materials, giving Magic players an easy place to keep up with new content on the web.
I’m a big fan of aggregators of this type. While I subscribe to many resources already via RSS, launch pages inform me about new resources I hadn’t heard of before. It also gives me the option of not subscribing to every single resource, when some of them only really interest me occasionally.
Note that iMTG is heavily biased toward Spanish-language content, by dint of being organized out of Spain. Nonetheless, deck lists and many other bits of Magic data are typically universal – and hey, shouldn’t you know how to speak Spanish anyway? Sure you should.
There’s a similar German-language launch page called MTG Pop. I imagine, given the game’s popularity there, that there’s also something like this in Japanese, but I’m seriously no good in searching in Japanese. In contrast, I can point you toward the information site for Korean PTQs.
The pattern here being that I can read Spanish, German, and Korean, but not Japanese. So there you go.
I’m excited about the Spanish-language Magic community, as I’ve only recently begun exploring it. iMTG should be a good starting point for any of you who are interested in delving into Spanish Magic.

5 thoughts on “iMTG (and a few others)

  1. Hi men.
    Thanks a lot for your opinion about my new proyect.
    It’s a good thing you, a non-spanish person are interested on this because this is my goal, a “fusion” of this two languages (spanish and english) to make an interesting “MTG home page”
    Like you write, this proyect it’s similar (and inspirated by) but, in our community, we don’t have any website like this and I think it’s interesting for us.
    Well men, again, thanks for your interest 😉
    PD: One tip, except in Tabs, the other links and a few text, when you rollover this with your mouse, you can see the text in english langugae 😉

  2. Hi
    First of all, congratulations for your blog. Arrived here from (I am spanish) and I have checked some posts: they are very good.
    I also run a magic blog (in spanish) The thing is, I am getting tired of writing card links manually (you know, using tags) I think there must be a way of doing this mechanically, maybe adding something to the html code of my blog?
    Anyway, kudos for your job and regards

  3. Hi —
    I’m sure there are many methods out there for doing this. I personally use a neat little Perl script that my friend wrote for me, which generates a linked version of a deck list; it also requires that you have some appropriate stuff added to the CSS for your site. You may also want to ask over at Magic Game Plan, where Dee seems to have a good method of doing it as well.
    I may post the script I use; I’ll check with my friend and see if he’s cool with that.

  4. That would be SO great
    if you don’t want yo make it public, you can email me at miguelcalvopaniegoATgmailDOTcom
    Many many thanks

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