I would splash red for that

Over at the usual venue, we have an ostensible Alara Reborn spoiler for a fantastic card:
Sorcery Rare
Choose target player. Name a nonland card. That player reveals his or her hand. Exsanguination deals 3 damage for each card with that name in that player’s hand to that player. Remove cards with that name from that player’s graveyard, hand and library. That player then shuffles his/her library.
I’m a huge fan of ripping cards from every place a player can hide them. I love that I get to have Cranial Extraction in my sideboard in the current Extended, and when I was concentrating on Standard a couple months back, I kept wishing I could have Extractions there.
The damage on this card is kind of incidental to me, although nice-ish. But I’m really looking forward to being able to denude someone of their key win condition (consider, for example, that this hits well before Cruel Ultimatum).
Assuming this is an accurate spoiler, this card should be a fun addition to the upcoming Standard PTQ season.

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