Bounty Hunters images (the next Star Wars minis set)

People took some pics of the upcoming Bounty Hunters set for Star Wars minis at GenCon. Here’s the link:
BH set pics at The Holocron
Notes in the extended.

Bounty Hunters comes out in September. It’s the next “huge” set, featuring 11 huge minis. There’ll be a lull after this one comes out. The space combat game, Galactic Conquest, comes out afterward, then that’s it for a while as Wizards concentrates on the RPG line.
Figures I’m looking forward to in BH include Leia as Boussch, Luke in Bespin clothes, Jango with flamethrower, Vulture droid in walking mode (not useful, but pretty) and standing Boba Fett.
Galactic Conquest, the space combat game, is going to be a standalone for the moment. They’re going to wait and see how it does. They’re also going to be allowed to make “original content” for the upcoming minis sets (rather than having to use material from the movies and EU). Note sure how good that’ll be.