A 10-PTQ weekend

I’ll be heading off to the second Northern California PTQ of the season tomorrow, a mere two hours away in Sacramento (at least it’s not a busy drive when we get to start at 7am on a Saturday).
This weekend features ten PTQs worldwide.
In North America we have:
Little Rock, Arkansas
Sacramento, California
Denver, Colorado
Indianapolis, Indiana
All on the 20th.
In Japan we have two PTQs on the 21st, um…somewhere. I can’t read Japanese.
In Europe there are two PTQs on the 20th:
Aachen, Germany
Hamburg, Germany
Finally, there are two PTQs in the Australia and New Zealand area, also both on the 20th:
Auckland, New Zealand
Perth, Australia
Looking at what I just wrote, I’m amused that in North America I’m listing cities and states, whereas in Europe and down south, I listed cities and countries. Of course, my state has more people than Australia and New Zealand combined, so maybe that’s fair.
Good luck to everyone attending PTQs this weekend. If you haven’t tried a PTQ before, I recommend giving it a go (and check out BDM’s weekly column for some good advice from judges on what to do if you’re attending your first PTQ).