The pretties (some art hits from Magic 2010)

With prereleases starting this weekend, the full visual spoiler is available, and we have the opportunity to browse through a bunch of genuinely pretty cards. I’ve picked a handful that caught my eye for one reason or another and included them in the extended entry. Click on through, take a look, and let us know which art in M10 strikes your fancy.

This is the third art we have for ornithopter, and it’s adorable, in theme with the card’s concepting, and a nice departure from the previous two designs. It’s almost cuddly. I’m going to enjoy seeing them in play across from me (shortly before I destroy everything in play) in Affinity decks when the next Extended season rolls around.
Wow. I was so immediately struck by the death mark stamped onto the victim’s eye that I totally missed that you’re looking at that victim upside-down, presumably because they’re lying on the ground, dead. This is so striking and so vividly evocative of the concept of the card. My junior high mind suddenly recalls Lord Soth pointing his finger at someone and saying, “Die.”
Ferns! This one is quite pretty, and feels like the art on a “Regrowth” effect.
I feel the roar of the flames when I look at this one. I also appreciate how it clearly shows the way of the world for white, with angels overhead and soldiers slogging through the muck and flames on the ground.
This is such a great capture of the “Wait – what – no!” moment of having your most loyal ally betray you. Also, pretty much how you’ll feel when someone Treasons your Baneslayer and offs you with it.
So those were the new art pieces that stood out for me. Obviously, there’s prior art (sounds like patents) that I like – the Hellkites, for example – but these are the big first-impression hits out of my initial pass at the visual spoiler.

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