I attended the Sunday prerelease flight today at Superstars in San Jose. There was a good turnout today, and more yesterday.
Thanks go out to Eric Levine for his affable head judging of the event.
My understanding of Sealed, which I play very, very rarely (basically, at PTQs and the occasional prerelease) is “build to your bombs.” Today, my six packs included the following clear bombs:
Planar Cleansing
Ajani Goldmane
That, along with a generally poor quality of anything outside of green and white, led to a very brief and focused deck construction experience for me. I ended up with a green-white build with various two, three, and four drops, as well as some big-mana spells. I had almost no removal, and very little to do against yo random permanents (consider the beating I took from a Whispersilk Cloaked creature in game one, round one).
I went 3-1, picking up an extra six packs, and subsequently arbitraging some of my winnings into another (my fourth) Elspeth.
My favorite play series on the day:
Planar Cleansing to clear the board.
Howl of the Night Pack for four 2/2 Wolves.
Overrun for 20.
The round I lost came down to Master of the Wild Hunt in both games. In game two, I hit Planar Cleansing to eight-for-one my opponent, and then he drew the Master off the top. Ouch. He had two in his deck, notably.
Overall, it was a good time, and I enjoyed going with some friends. I also enjoyed doing a bit of trading (which I rarely do) and taking the time out to help a newer player revise his deck to make it more effective, as he had good cards but was having trouble winning. It was a fun chance to meet players I never see at our PTQs. There are simply a lot of people who play only the occasional draft, or only kitchen table Magic, who nonetheless come out for prereleases. I did my bit of proselytizing for PTQs as a fun experience, since I genuinely think PTQs are.
Also, although I don’t know if it’s a commentary on M10 sealed or not, with my deck I decided to choose “play” all day when I had a chance, and that worked out well for me.