Upcoming Standard events in the Bay Area

We have a series of big weekends coming up here in the (south) San Francisco Bay Area. Here they are, in order, with some relevant links:
Saturday, August 1st – Superstars August Standard $1K tournament
That’s tomorrow. I plan on going, and I’ve put together a deck that includes an interaction that has had me giggling inside since I figured it out. I’ll post about it tomorrow.
Friday, August 7th through Sunday, August 9th – Superstars Standard $5K tournament
As with the last Superstars $5K, this event features multiple flights that qualify you for the top 32 on Sunday. Note that there’s a moderate discount for preregistering online, so if you’re sure you’re going to go, you might as well save a couple bucks and sign up now.
Saturday, August 22nd – PTQ for Austin at Superstars
This is the final Bay Area PTQ, and we’re once again back in San Jose. I love PTQs, and hope to see good attendance on this one – let’s not let the East Coast massively outdo us at PTQ attendance this year.

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