Fight for some Exiled cards!

Superstars Game Center in San Jose is holding a From the Vault: Exiled marathon this weekend. Don’t want to pay those big secondary market prices for your fifteen shiny Exiled cards? Come lay down five bucks and fight for them instead. Here are the details:
Each tournament will have an entry fee of $5. The format is Standard Constructed. Tournaments will probably follow a Swiss structure with a cut to top four or top eight, depending on attendance. There will be additional prizes based on attendance as well.
Tournaments are scheduled for…
Friday, August 28th at 7pm
Saturday, August 29th at 1pm and 5pm
Sunday, August 30th at 1pm and 5pm
I hope to see you all there. I’ll be attending at least some of these, both to take my crack at winning the set and because, hey, Standard Constructed.