How not to be an ass about donkeys

See, the title’s another play on words.
Anyway, I’ve been meaning to post a link to this brief essay by MMYoung about why, in a very pragmatic sense, you shouldn’t deride players who you perceive to be “bad,” especially when they’ve just gotten lucky and taken you down despite their bad play. There are all sorts of reasons why no one should really do this in a legitimate, hurtful way (i.e. not as a fun tease of a friend), starting with basic politeness and moving on through sportsmanship to the fact that you, too, will make a terrible play at some point in the near future. But Mark points out one other fundamental fact:

2 thoughts on “How not to be an ass about donkeys

  1. Excellent post. Ideally, civil, respectful behavior would be the default without this somewhat machiavellian reasoning, but, you know, whatever works!

  2. I definitely agree that I’d like civil behavior to be the standard, but I appreciate the perspective here as well – without the amateurs, there are no pros.

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