Magic, ebay, Paypal

I recently did a second round of purging of my old Magic: the Gathering cards via ebay. Last time, I accepted various forms of payment. This time, I only accepted Paypal, finding other things like money orders just too much of a hassle. I was concerned that this might negatively impact bidding, but it appears not to have had that effect.
The top performers:

  • Library of Alexandria – $152.50
  • A set of four Sinkholes, Beta edition – $118.84
  • Mana Drain – $102.56
  • Juzam Djinn #1 – $90.00
  • Juzam Djinn #2 – $85.00

I was expecting the Library to hit $130, so I’m happy that it managed to top that. Actually, everything went for somewhat higher than I expected. I tried to time the auction end times so that the maximum number of people would be able to bid; I have no idea if that helped boost the prices.