3 thoughts on “Art directing D&D

  1. Hi there,
    Though the art is cool, I commented here because I think you’d check this one first. Do you think that G/W, similar to team Elspeth is still viable in Standard, and if so will you talk about it in your next post.
    I’m a long time reader, and I’m happy to say I built my current G/W off your list with a few changes, but if you could puzzle this out, I’ll be more than happy to sign your name as the deck creator.

  2. Although it’s not my current ride, I’ll take a shot at updating some Team Elspeth-ish in the near future. I do think that the impetus for the original Team Elspeth design is absent in the new Standard, but there can be some solid similar deck lists out there regardless.

  3. A thousand thanks, mate. I did love reading about them, and make sure to keep on trucking, because I’m sure there are plenty of readers like myself who never say anything.

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