A NorCal tournament weekend

This is a tournament-rich weekend in the Bay Area. In addition to Superstars’ normal schedule of events, which naturally includes the biggest FNM in the area, drafts all day Saturday, and the Sunday Standard, we’re seeing two large sealed events.
If you’re interested in tilting at the qualifier windmill, there’s a PTQ for San Diego on Saturday at the Santa Clara convention center. Registration starts at 9am and ends at 10am, with an entry fee of $30.
If you’d prefer to just play some sealed for cheap, Superstars is holding a $2,000 sealed deck event on Saturday. The entry fee is $10, which the clever among you will note is significantly below the retail price of the six Zendikar packs you get as your sealed pool. And, of course, there are prizes. The tournament begins at 11am, and you can sign up over at ChannelFireball.com.

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