Worlds Extended

The top extended decks from Worlds are up. Click here for the lists.
In general, we see the impact of Austin in the return of significant Dredge hate to the sideboards of the top performing decks. Lucas Blohon’s Dark Depths has Crypt, Jailer, Ravenous Trap, and three copies of Extirpate in the sideboard, while Manuel Bucher’s Bant has double Relic and quadruple Crypt. Austin is also apparent in the presence of a number of Rubin Zoo builds.
Yuuta Takahashi ran a straight-up Faeries build with four copies each of Mistbind, Vendilion, and Spellstutter, along with Bitterblossoms.
I’ll end by pointing out the two copies of Maelstrom Pulse in the sideboard of Akimasa Yamamoto’s Dredge deck. This card choice caught my ear when I was listening to Rich Hagon’s coverage of the team rounds. Notably, Dredge decks spent some time actually casting spells during teams, as Watanabe played not only Maelstrom Pulse, but also Golgari Grave-Troll (yes, as in cast from his hand).