Leaving your fifties on the table

After about thirteen weeks of column writing over at ChannelFireball, I’m starting to wish for the ability to not just label my deck lists but to also watermark them over the cards themselves, with some kind of tag that suggests that the list will make the most sense in the context of the full article.
This is, of course, nothing new for Magic articles. People like deck lists, and like to skim for them.
I’m discovering that a really effective way to antagonize some subset of my readers is to leave out nominal “best” cards for the deck in question. These days, it’s been the absence of Baneslayers in my GWx lists that’s torquing people off. I’m expecting to annoy people with the abandonment of Tarmogoyfs as we roll into Extended (although, to be clear, if I put together a Zoo deck it’s almost certainly going to have Goyfs).
Given that the entire point of this week’s article was about how threat superiority is not the best path to winning the mirror, I am especially struck by the dogmatic sticking to Baneslayers as a must for the deck.
Honestly, if I could play Arashi or North Side I would; they’d both be better choices. I’d even be happier if I could magically run some combination of four more Emerias and Knights.
If you haven’t read the article, head over and take a look.

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  1. Emeria is so sick; I would definitely run 8 of her over 4 Baneslayers. Or like 12 even.

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