On game losses

Kevin Binswanger has a good article up at SCG about how rules are standardized, and why that means you may end up seeing someone game lossed in a top eight, or even game lossed out of the finals.
Worth a read.
You can also read Tom Ross’s winning tournament report over at ChannelFireball. Here’s Tom’s comment on not conceding the final game (and thus allowing his oppoennt to make that critical third error):
Remember, you never have an obligation to concede to your opponent. You paid good money to game in a competitive environment and theres nothing wrong with wanting to win. Of course, there are times when conceding is correct, such as to save time for the next game in a timed match or in response to something like Duress to hide information when the game looks unwinnable anyway. In untimed rounds such as the Top 8 of a PTQ it