Lotus Omnath TNN!

Have you seen this Worldwake preview card?
Although I don’t think this will end up being super amazing in practice, I found myself suddenly struck by the idea of a Tooth and Nail deck featuring quadruple Lotus Cobra and quadruple Omnath for true mana-building shenanigans.
I suppose if we had a Lotus Cobra on turn two, and (magically) no one killed our dudes, we could see the following:
Turn 3: Play fetchland (G), break fetchland (GG), cast Omnath, tap remaining two lands for net (GG) in pool
Turn 4: Play fetchland (GGG), break fetchland (GGGG), tap all lands (GGGGGGGG)…and be sadly one mana short of Tooth and Nail.
Clearly, it needs more work. 🙂 Still, maybe someone can combine these cards to do something actually useful in a Standard or Block deck.