Going oldschool

Thanks to the search acumen of Kelly Reid of Quiet Speculation, I have been reunited with my original DCI number. I just got off the phone with Wizards’ customer service, who have started the process of unifying the original number with the one I was issued when I got back into the game.
Naturally, I’m keeping the old one.
This means I’ll be moving from ten digits to a much more svelte five digits.
Also, my rating’s going to take a bit of a hit. Turns out I wasn’t quite as good back in 1995.

3 thoughts on “Going oldschool

  1. 12345? That’s the combination on my luggage!
    Lucky, I had an old one, maybe I should look it up. Right now, I’ve got an 8 digit one I’m happy to have.

  2. Nice! My old one is a 6-digit from 1997. I’ve been playing since 94, but I never really knew about sanctioned events until 1997. Pretty cool. Too bad I didn’t start getting player rewards until last year :boggle:

  3. I started playing in 1993, but didn’t hit a sanctioned event until I went to college in 1995. I showed up for a tournament, someone told me I needed a DCI number, and that was that.

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