Why we want to educate players about the tournament rules

The discussion on tournament rule knowledge that I mentioned in my tournament primer continues over at David’s PT San Diego article. One common thread that appears in the conversation is the idea that it is strictly the responsibility of players to know all the tournament rules when they show up for an event.
Commenter Delha said this:

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  1. Although you sound like MaRo and his “Don’t fight human nature” mantra, I have to agree with you. There are dozens of people at PT who are not sufficiently informed what is OK and what can DQ them, and GPs in their nature are even more open to people of lesser tournament experience.
    At GP Prague’09 I played the whole 9 rounds and judging by my opponents’ behaviour less than half of them were aware of all the rules they were supposed to know. One even didn’t know about the “No final cut” change. Another was a 14 year-old boy. A couple more had just came because it was a good opportunity to play A LOT of Magic. Did this make judges work harder? Most probably. Did the GP (4th largest in MtG history) succeed in showing people there’s more to Magic than FNMs? Absolutely.
    The short list of what is expected of players is a good idea, that seems reasonable and easy to implement. As for what can be done while people are not hanging at Premier Events in said pages range – Magic is what the players make of it. There are no coaches like in professional sport. It us – judges, TOs and ultimately fellow player to educate one another and make our experience better.
    P.S. Might have passed my 10-line reply limit 🙂

  2. Judges and TOs do expend a great deal of effort on education. I’ve been to tournaments where to TO posts some basic tournament guidelines like this in several places. A required part of registration is even to check a box that says “I have read the tournament rules posted.” Bad stuff still happens and/or I still get asked questions to which my answer is “Did you read the posted rules?”
    Sometime in the last two rounds of Swiss of a PTQ, I usually try to give a quick “Don’t bribe” speech. Bad stuff still happens.
    That being said, I will continue to expend effort on this, because explaining stuff to people beforehand is a lot easier than filling out DQ forms.
    Alex, I like what you’re doing here, and if you have further thoughts on how we can improve the system, please feel free to contact me privately.

  3. Riki —
    Interesting. I’ve literally never seen anything like that at any of the PTQs, etc that I’ve attended, so it’s good to know there’s been some work like that already. I may hit you up with an email later this weekend about this.

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