6.25% of a victory

I’m slowly regaining my coherence this morning after a long day yesterday at the ChannelFireball.com February 5K event. I made top sixteen using a Junk (that is, B/G/W) deck that I’ll be writing about in my column this week.
You can see me and the deck in action in the coverage of the Swiss rounds, here. And I do mean, “see,” as in addition to being the round two feature match, there’s a picture of me playing at the bottom of the page.
If you look at the archetype breakdown for the main flight, I’m the sole “Junk” representative there.
I exited in the round of sixteen (which you can also read about here) after a somewhat harrowing, one-and-a-half hour match against an Unearth deck. I must admit I was not particularly thinking about Unearth when I put my deck together for the tournament. I lost in the round of sixteen to Magic TV host Tristan Shaun Gregson, who was playing Boss Naya.
I’ll have more on all of this in my column this week. I had a great time all day Saturday, sparring with the kind of fun crowd I’ve come to expect at ChannelFireball and Superstars events.
Also, for those who are in the greater Bay Area and also into Legacy, you may be happy to hear that Superstars will now be hosting regular Legacy tournaments. You can read more about that here.