Wall of Awesome

The Rise of the Eldrazi product page is up right now, including the ever-expanding visual spoiler. There will be a lot of discussion of the new “Level Up” mechanic, but the card that’s really caught my eye the most so far is this simple wall:
So why is this awesome? Click through to the full article for more.

Although some walls, such as Wall of Denial, are just good on their own in a certain environment, walls generally only shine when they do something handy in addition to having a high toughness and standing in the way of little beaters. This is my favorite wall of all time:
It’s five toughness for two mana that accelerates you up to Damnation, Gifts Ungiven, or whatever other nefarious thing you want to do at four mana on turn three.
Before Time Spiral’s timeshifted sheet brought back access to Wall of Roots, Standard and Extended had to settle for this:
It’s not a bad card, and I certainly would never complain about the Tony DiTerlizzi art, but Vine Trellis has the problem that your green mana comes at the cost of not slow degradation of the wall, but rather complete obviation of its function for a turn. Unless, of course, you’re using it to cast Instants after your opponent is done with combat.
Overgrown Battlement takes the Vine Trellis concept and one-ups it, letting your walls work synergistically together. You could imagine, for example, a turn two Battlement followed on turn three by a land, a second Battlement, and then tapping the first Battlement for two mana to make three mana overall with your remaining land…almost as if you’d only played out your land each turn and hadn’t also cast two 0/4 defenders in the meantime. Not bad. In this (admittedly happy times) scenario, if you hit your land drop on turn four, you now have access to eight mana. Hello, Sundering Titan (or, perhaps, an Ulamog’s Crusher).
So, yes, the card I’m most fired up by so far from Rise is a 0/4 wall.
Closing trivia – the title of this post is a play on the name of this card:
…which is another wall that does something pretty slick beyond just putting toughness in the way of attacking creatures.