ChannelFireball $15K Spring Series

Earlier this week I wrote about a Standard $1K this Saturday that plugs into a not-fully described “big” event leading to a $5K down the line. Today, ChannelFireball released the full info:
The ChannelFireball Spring $15,000 Series is a collection of $1K qualifier events spread across a variety of formats, all feeding into a $5K in late June. You can either pay $100 to enter the $5K, or qualify by ending up in the top 10% of the field at any of the preceding $1K events. There are, of course, prizes for winning the individual $1K events (this time around, first place gets a foil set of Worldwake).
Here’s the schedule:
March 27th – Standard, $20 entry fee
April 3rd – Extended, $20 entry fee
April 10th – Standard, $20 entry fee
May 1st – Sealed (Rise of the Eldrazi), $30 entry fee
May 8th- Sealed (Rise of the Eldrazi), $30 entry fee
May 15th – Booster Draft (Rise of the Eldrazi), $30 entry fee
May 22nd – Standard, $20 entry fee
June 5th – Sealed (Rise of the Eldrazi), $30 entry fee
June 19th – Standard, $20 entry fee
June 25th (a Friday) – Standard, $20 entry fee
June 26th – The Spring championship, $100 entry fee or qualify via one of the $1K events
Pretty cool. I’m going to be attending at least some of these qualifiers, and hopefully the big show at the end as well.