All is, indeed, dust

This was previewed at PAX East:
(Pic made it to me courtesy Mananation, who got it from Drew Halloran.
First, the name is awesome.
Second, the flavor text is hilarious.
Third, the art sort of has this wacked-out, early D&D Erol Otis feel that works for such an end-of-the-world effect.
Fourth, this is a pretty cool global reset, akin in visceral reset joy to Kamigawa’s Final Judgment. In line with that comparison, Rise, like Kamigawa, is an expensive, splashy effects set (so far).
Fifth, did you notice that the two previewed colorless Eldrazi Sorcery spells are also typed as Tribal? We’ve had some laments about the lack of re-use of the Tribal type since the passing of Lorwyn, so it’s nice to see it back again (and, we presume, being used as a lever for interaction with various Eldazi-seeking effects).
Over all, I continue to be pleased with the Rise preview cards. The set should be quite different, and a lot of fun.