Time Spiral block decks

Time Spiral block deck concepts, in the extended.

2 Creatures:
Mishra, Artificer Prodigy (Here to pull extra mana sources into play to power more spells on Storm turns)
26 Spells:
Rift Bolt (Burn, and can be timed to go off on a Storm turn)
Demonic Collusion (Hunt for parts of the combination)
Sulfurous Blast (Board clearing)
Damnation (Board clearing)
Think Twice (Dig for cards, and build up on Storm turns)
Ancestral Vision (Dig for cards, and build up for free on Storm turns)
Ignite Memories
Empty the Warrens
8 Artifacts:
Lotus Bloom (Ideally, a Storm turn begins with one of these coming out of Suspend, with Mishra yanking another in after it)
Prismatic Lense
24 Lands:
Terramorphic Expanse
15 Sideboard:
Sudden Death
Dismal Failure
Empty the Warrens
Wipe Away
Fury Charm

Mishra’s Storm
The goal with this deck is to dig for cards, protect yourself, and then time things to hit a pretty racous Storm turn with Ignite Memories or Empty the Warrens. A really solid storm turn might look like:
(Assume six lands in play.)
Lotus Bloom resolves in Upkeep (storm count = 1)
Mishra pulls another Bloom into play
Ancestral Vision resolves in Upkeep (storm count = 2)
Cast Prismatic Lense (storm count = 3)
Mishra pulls another Lense into play
Cast Think Twice (storm count = 4)
Flashback Think Twice (storm count = 5)
Cast Ignite Memories, generating a total of six castings
I don’t know if the deck lives long enough to do that, but it would be cool.

20 Creatures:
Dauthi Slayer
Nether Traitor
Dunerider Outlaw
Stronghold Overseer
20 Spells:
Curse of the Cabal
Dash Hopes
Temporal Extortion
Tendrils of Corruption
Sudden Death
20 Land:
20× Swamp

Rush of Shadows
This deck combines a fairy straightforward rush of small creatures and a couple big finishers with heavy disruption. The goal is to keep the opponent wrongfooted as your critters keep making hits. The Traitors and Slayers are good little evade monsters; the Outlaws keep getting bigger and can stave off a green rush. If the game lasts long enough for the Overseers, they can crank all their shadowy friends to do extra damage. The Mindstabs and Curses should be suspended as little “fire and forget” disruption bombs. The Hopes and Extortions both play into the fast-damage aspect of this design.
I haven’t given much though to sideboards yet.

4 Creatures:
Akroma, Angel of Fury
28 Spells:
Dismal Failure
Draining Whelk
Spell Burst
Ancestral Vision
Careful Consideration
Mystical Teachings (This can grab counters, Words, Blasts, Tempers and Wipe Aways.)
Word of Seizing
Sulfurous Blast
Fiery Temper
Wipe Away
4 Artifacts:
Lotus Bloom
24 Land:
Gemstone Caverns (About a 10% chance of it appearing in the opening draw)
Terramorphic Expanse
Urza’s Factory (In case nothing else works, or it’s late game and chump blockers are needed.)
15 Sideboard:
Rough // Tumble (Against early small-creature rush — it’s cheaper than the Blast)
Reiterate (To win later-game counter wars, or diminish the effects of other control spells)
Feldon’s Cane (If someone is trying to deck you)
Boom // Bust (Transformative sideboarding. Put an Akroma into play, then cut the ground out from under your opponent’s feet)
Akroma, Angel of Fury
Fortune Thief

Furious Torch
This is a control deck designed around blue counters and card draw, with red taking up most of the slack in the removal and win department. The default deck has a fairly Swiss-army-knife approach to the job, but the sideboard is designed to help it adapt to creature rush and other control decks. It also packs four Boom // Bust, largely for the Bust portion of things, so it can launch an angel and then zorch all the lands, making it hard to deal with that angel.

20 Creatures:
Gemhide Sliver
Magus of the Library
Yavimaya Dryad
Havenwood Wurm
Phantom Wurm
4 Enchantments:
Keen Sense
16 Spells:
Krosan Grip
Squall Line
Mwonvuli Acid-Moss
Search for Tomorrow
Strength in Numbers
20 Land:
20× Forest
15 Sideboard:
Hunting Wilds (Can replace the Acid-Moss if no land destruction is needed)
Utopia Vow (Shut down early enemy critters)
Seal of Primordium (If the enchantments and artifacts need to be shut down faster)
Squall Line (A little more direct damage and air cleaning)
Tormod’s Crypt (In case someone’s being annoying and recurring on you)

Keen Wurms
Simple, fast green beatdown. The Gemhides and Magi are both basically there for mana acceleration — it’s unlikel the deck will have a full hand for the Magus to boost. Keen sense can be stuck on one of the smaller critters for some early card draw to make sure the bigger critters hit the field faster. Fastest possible playout of a Phantom Wurm:
Turn 1: Forest, suspend Search for Tomorrow (G available)
Turn 2: Forest, play Gemhide (GG available)
Turn 3: Forest, Search for Tomorrow resolves for Forest, play Mwonvuli Acid-Moss for Forest (GGGGGG available)
Turn 4: Cast Phantom Wurm

26 Creatures:
Sage of Epityr
Icatian Javelineers
Riptide Pilferer
Benalish Cavalry
Serra Avenger
Dust Elemental
11 Spells:
Wipe Away
Ancestral Vision
4 Enchantments:
Unstable Mutation
19 Lands:
10× Plains
15 Sideboard:
Disenchant (In case an enchantment or artifact is slowing you down)
Gaze of Justice (Likewise for creatures)
Pongify (The aggressive replacement for Ovinize and Sunlance, if there are no creatures in your way — just turn your peeps into apes and go to town)
Reality Acid (For pesky stuff with Prot White)

Blueberry Swirl
An attempt to make a weenie rush deck in U/W. It actually has some fun possibilities, such as first turn Sage, second turn Pongify, or first turn Sage, second turn Unstable Mutation (4/4 creature on turn two!).

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  1. Hi,
    Nice Mishra deck, any other suggestion to make it competitive in TS block?
    Thanks, cheers!

  2. Thanks. I’m honestly not sure, as we haven’t been doing much Time Spiral block testing (yet). I’m going to be putting up more Time spiral block decks in another post once we’ve had a chance to playtest them and they’re more than just idle speculation.
    Frank Karsten mentions a couple of interesting builds toward the end of this article.

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