Estimating the total number of dual lands in the world

As I was replying to comments on my latest article over at ChannelFireball, I put together this back-of-the-envelope estimate of just how many dual lands exist in the world:
From Alpha through Revised, about 550 million cards were printed.
This means about 36.7 million rares.

3 thoughts on “Estimating the total number of dual lands in the world

  1. Lately, this type of approximation on card volume seems to be popular on mtg sites, blogs and forums.
    however, i haven’t yet read an estimate that factors the various foreign printings of the duals in. To my knowledge, revised edition has been released in italian, french and german in both BB and WB versions. Even though the print run might have been sufficently smaller for these versions, added together (that’s 6 different sets)they certainly increase the availibilty of (tournament-legal) duals.

  2. Cap —
    I’ve received this comment from a number of people, so I went back and reviewed the information I had. To the best of my knowledge, the 500 million card print run estimate for Revised edition includes the foreign printings. In short, those cards are already accounted for.

  3. According to who? Crystalkeep estimates 500 million, and it doesn’t mention anything about including non-English print runs. All of this is totally guesswork, anyway, since who knows where the 500 million estimate came from anyway, and considering the difference in ratios between booster packs and starters, we’ll never know any true numbers.

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