Mythic price check – Rise of the Eldrazi, part two

When we last checked in on the Rise mythics, we knew fourteen of the fifteen in the set, and prices were pretty robust. Now that the full spoiler is out and we’re in the midst of the prerelease weekend, let’s check back in on those prices, adding in Linvala, keeper of silence. This time around, I’ll list the current price and then the price from last time in parentheses after it.
As before, I’ll look at the CFB and SCG prices. See the last entry on this topic for a discussion of store versus auction prices.

  • All is Dust – $13.79 ($14.98) at CFB, $14.99 ($14.99) at SCG
  • Cast Through Time – $1.32 ($1.98) at CFB, $1.99 ($1.99) at SCG
  • Emrakul, the Aeons Torn – $11.28 ($14.98) at CFB, $14.99 ($14.99) at SCG
  • Gideon Jura – $39.98 ($39.98) at CFB, $39.99 ($39.99 )at SCG
  • Hellcarver Demon – $5.29 ($9.99) at CFB, $5.99 ($14.99) at SCG
  • Kargan Dragonlord – $9.28 ($8.98) at CFB, $12.99 ($12.99) at SCG
  • Khalni Hydra – $4.99 ($6.98) at CFB, $5.99 ($4.99) at SCG
  • Kozilek, Butcher of Truth – $23.44 ($28.99) at CFB, $29.99 ($29.99) at SCG
  • Lighthouse Chronologist – $4.79 ($5.98) at CFB, $5.99 ($5.99) at SCG
  • Nirkana Revenant – $5.29 ($6.99) at CFB, $7.99 ($7.99) at SCG
  • Sarkhan the Mad – $16.89 ($18.98) at CFB, $19.99 ($19.99) at SCG
  • Transcendent Master – Sold out! ($5.48) at CFB, $14.99 ($5.99) at SCG
  • Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre – $8.24 ($9.98) at CFB, $9.99 ($9.99) at SCG
  • Vengevine – $24.99 ($18.98) at CFB, $29.99 ($19.99) at SCG

ChannelFireball has pushed its prices down just a bit in general going into this weekend, but I think that’s more of a sales strategy issue rather than a mass revaluing of mythics. The notable price shifts that may have something to do with general changes in card valuation include:
Emrakul – The CFB price has dropped, which may accord with people pulling back a bit on their own excitement over the biggest of the Eldrazi, or perhaps their realization that it’s the prerelease card. I’m personally not super excited about Emrakul in Standard, even cheating it into play via Polymorph. It’s game ending if it swings, but the opportunity to do that in time is not as readily available as one might hope.
Hellcarver Demon – Yeah, this one seemed high. Although I’ve read the assertion that this is a “Mind’s Desire,” it’s not nearly as resilient as Mind’s Desire was in Extended. The initial price represented a big-time Timmy/Vorthos markup (it’s a 6/6 for six mana, and it’s a demon, which almost has dragon and angel cachet).
Kargan Dragonlord – This one saw a minor adjustment upward at CFB. It’s a hard one to gauge, as the Dragonlord feels like a Figure of Destiny, except that it’s not searchable via Ranger of Eos and has to live in the same environment as Student of Warfare.
Transcendent Master – Cranked to three times its starting price at SCG, the Master was sold out when I checked on it at CFB. Ben Bleiweiss ranked this card pretty high in his “Financial Value of” article this week, and after some testing, it does seem like a potentially powerful finisher in a number of decks. It’s hard to say if it’s intrinsically better than Baneslayer, although it does have the advantage of being more “modular” in the sense that you can always just cast it as a 3/3 for 3 when you need that on your curve.
Vengevine – This one has been rising as more writers declare it the “real deal.” I think it’s a lovely nextgen Solifuge, trading shroud for the conditional ability to recur from time to time. Really, its strength lies in being a 4/3 with haste more than the occasional ability to reload. It’s a solid card, but I suspect it’s “Lotus Cobra solid” rather than “Baneslayer solid,” and should adjust back down accordingly over time.
My expectation is that most of these prices will continue to drop. Possible exceptions include Sarkhan, who ought to stabilize about where he is, and Transcendent Master, which could easily keep its current price for a while.