Curiously, in the same week in which Adrian Sullivan explained why he doesn’t like MTGO play and thus isn’t participating in MTGO PTQs, I’ve solidified my plan to play in MTGO PTQs for the current season.
The motivation is twofold.
First, I really want to qualify, and would like more shots at it.
Second, I can make it to literally none of the PTQs within several hundred miles of me this time around. That’s pesky.
I know that online PTQs are necessarily going to be among the hardest in the world, but honestly, that’s not a gigantic shift from many of the PTQs that I’m already prone to attending. We’re in a strong Magic environment here in the Bay Area, after all.
It’s also nice to have the ability to attend PTQs while hanging out with my loved ones, and it’s solid that this time around it’s a Standard environment, making it reasonably affordable to revive my fallow MTGO account and put together the deck I want to play.
How many of you are participating in the current MTGO PTQ season?