Lauren’s mythic victory

As I mentioned earlier this week, Lauren Lee took down one of the first PTQs of the season using her fine-tuned Mythic build. Now she’s written about her experience in three parts (well, two parts and an appendix of sorts). Here they are:
Part 1 – Deck list and notes
Part 2 – A brief pointer to URW Planeswalker control, which Lauren faced down in the finals
Part 3 – Links to the top eight lists
Congrats again to Lauren. You can see all the top eights from the current Amsterdam PTQ season here. The four reported post-Rise PTQs were won by Grixis midrange (Thomas Ma in Denver), Polymorph (Vincent Thibeault in Quebec), Conscription Mythic (Eric Twarog in Salt Lake City), and Mythic (our own Lauren Lee).