Time Spiral mid-block decks (Time Spiral + Planar Chaos)

Decks from the first two-thirds of Time Spiral block, in the extended.

20 Creatures:
Keldon Marauders
Thick-Skinned Goblin
Lavacore Elemental
Simian Spirit Guide
Volcano Hellion
22 Spells:
Rift Bolt
Sudden Shock
Fiery Temper
Fury Charm
18 Lands:
18× Mountain
15 Sideboard:
Lightning Axe
Fury Charm
Boom // Bust
Word of Seizing

Red Clock
Fast mono-red with creatures and burn. I’m trying to develop “fast clock” decks to test other decks against, using in-block components. This deck follows the standard practice of trying to put creatures out relatively early, then using burn to clear the way and finally take out the opponent. The Reiterates can come in against other burn or against counterspells (in the former case, it creates the danger of draws, which might slow the opponent down). It’s much slower than a Standard R/G zoo deck.

20 Creatures:
Nether Traitor
Dauthi Slayer
Dunerider Outlaw
Stronghold Overseer
16 Spells:
Premature Burial
Sudden Death
Tendrils of Corruption
Temporal Extortion
Dash Hopes
4 Artifacts:
Lotus Bloom
20 Lands:
20× Swamp

Black Clock
Once again, a fast clock attempt, this time in black. Time Spiral black is good as a clock color based on efficient and unblockable critters. This deck doesn’t drop anything until turn two, but from then on, it can pour out little, potentially hard-to-block creatures. The Blooms can, at best, allow a turn-four Overseer, as well as accelerating a crippling Phthisis or Temporal Extortion.