Getting girls into Magic

…or women, perhaps.
Over at Mulldrifting, Lauren Lee has written a nice bit that answers the question “How can we get more women interested in playing Magic, and interested in playing competitive Magic?”
Click here to read Lauren’s excellent piece.
I don’t have much to add myself, except that I do think there’s a missing third aspect which is well out of our control – socialization. Lauren plays a lot of video games that few to none of the women I know ever play, and I think a lot of the reason behind that is gender-role socialization that sets in sometime around junior high. At least, I’ve seen junior high as the transition point when girls ditch their Pokemon cards and switch their focus to stereotypical “girl” endeavors. I’m not sure if marketing can overcome this, but I do think that’s the challenge point.
Again, click here to read the article.

7 thoughts on “Getting girls into Magic

  1. You make an excellent point. But I don’t think we have to cross that bridge yet.
    When I mention changes in marketing, I don’t think any huge overhaul is necessary. I think we can cater to the gamer girls out there while still appealing to the guys. The question is how to appeal to gamer girls – girls that play D&D or WoW but haven’t tried Magic yet.

  2. That seems reasonable. I’m never quite sure what does or doesn’t allow crossover there. In the last year, my gamer girl has played FF 13, Bayonetta (which she found at turns ridiculous and offensive, but enough of the former to mitigate the latter), Uncharted 2, and a couple other games in that vein. She doesn’t play WoW (and can’t stand it), and has played Magic it the past, but found it to be more than she felt like keeping track of on a turn-by-turn basis in a game.
    My friend’s wife plays Magic with him, but has no interest in going to events.
    So those are my local anecdotes. 🙂 My friend has also been trying Magic out, although I haven’t checked in with her recently to see how that’s going (she’s very nonlocal). I’d be interested in seeing some kind of marketing data on how women perceive Magic, and what their response leads them to choose to do.

  3. Me too. I’d love to see data, and I’ve love to see WotC more active in maybe talking about it or responding to it in some way…?

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