Want to work at Cryptic?

Want to work at Cryptic Studios, makers of City of Heroes and City of Villains, as well as the upcoming Champions Online and Star Trek Online games?
A friend at Cryptic has passed on two job openings that recently opened up in his part of the company. They are:
Graphic Designer

  • You’ll be tasked with making visuals for their web sites and corporate communications
  • You’ll need a strong background in web design, both in skills and theory

Web Programmer

  • You’ll be developing social, community, and ecommerce tools to support Cryptic’s games
  • You’ll need skills and experience in developing large web sites

You also need to be willing to move, if you don’t already live in Northern California. Cryptic is in Los Gatos, which has the benefit of being just twelve miles from Superstars in San Jose, also known as the ChannelFireball.com home base.
If you’re interested in either job, click through on the appropriate link and you’ll find all the info you need to apply.