Introducing Favorite Critters – the 0 drops

So, I’m a fan of “top N” lists, and discussions about both “favorite” and “best” things, whether those are movies, comics, scientific discoveries or anything else. With that in mind, I wanted to run a neat little series about my favorite creatures, both because it’s fun to talk about and by way of hoping I inspire you all to comment and let me know what your favorite creatures are.
So, without further ado, click through to the extended entry for my favorite 0-mana creatures.

So, there are only nine true 0-mana creatures in all of tournament-legal Magic (that is, Vintage, which is my search space for this series). With that in mind, a top five would encompass over half of the available choices, so I decided to limit myself to my favorite two. In reverse order, they are:
2. Ornithopter
This is partially a nostalgia choice, which is why I opted for the original Antiquities art. Ornithopter was a bit of an epiphany for me back in the early days of Magic. It cost nothing! At all! Wow! I wanted to jam those suckers into a deck and race right out and…oh, hey now.
Yeah, 0/2. It was a quandary.
It was fascinating to me when I returned to Magic to learn that Ornithopter had reappeared in Mirrodin and become a force to be reckoned with. Have you ever been killed by an Ornithopter equipped with a Cranial Plating? I sure have, and it was hilarious. Of course, I was playing Gifts Rock at the time, so I smacked the crap out of the Affinity deck in games one and three, but it was still really fascinating to take like 8 damage from an Ornithopter.
1. Dryad Arbor
I love things that mess with the rules in creative ways – it’s fortunate that this is one of the core concepts of Magic. It’s also why I really enjoyed Future Sight, since it was rife with these “mess with” selections.
Dryad Arbor occupies a nifty, nifty space.
It’s a creature and a land.
It’s a Forest, so you can search for it with a Misty Rainforest or a Verdant Catacombs.
So it has all of that going for it…and then I saw it in Legacy Counterbalance/Progenitus decks and it was kicked up from cool into awesome. You know what’s better than a Land Creature – Forest Dryad? A Land Creature – Forest Dryad that you hunt up with a Misty Rainforest and then cash in for a 10/10 with Protection from Everything. Dryad Arbor’s role as an enabler for a couple different Legacy designs has really booted it firmly into greatness among the 0 drops.
Conveniently, I also like the art and really enjoy the Future Sight “future shifted” frame layout. It’s a win all around.
So those are my favorite 0-drops. What are yours?