Turn zero!

So how was your Magic game day?
I went 3-3 and am in dire need of a new Naya game plan against ramp decks, as two of my non-mana-problem-based losses were to ramp decks.
But enough about me. The crowning moment of awesome today went to Michael Sohn (who you may have last read about in PV’s GP Columbus report).
The match paired Michael’s Naya Shaman deck against his opponent’s Pyromancer Ascension deck. Michael took down game one, and then lost game two to an unfortunate back-to-back-to-back Time Warp draw from the Ascension player. I turned away from the match for a moment, only to hear Michael yell, “Turn zero!”
Say what, now?
So, here’s the event, reconstructed.
Seeing that he appeared to just be facing down creatures, the Ascension player boarded out all his copies of Into the Roil. What he didn’t know – since it hadn’t come up in game two – was that Michael’s sideboard included this:
So when Michael dropped Leyline before the first turn of game three…that was that.
Turn zero kill!
So what awesomeness turned up at your game day?

3 thoughts on “Turn zero!

  1. We too had a turn zero kill. Players draw their opening 7, and one player finds a card he thought he boarded out. Misboarding (61 card deck) for the GL.

  2. @Anon Is that standard for normal REL?
    In what circumstances would you be willing to mulligan repeatedly to get the “turn zero kill” in matchups like this?
    When you have the one-card win in your deck, I would think that if the card doesn’t appear in your starting seven, I would throw it back, and probably again if it didn’t show up in my six.
    I suppose it depends on how confident I am that I have a guaranteed win if I start with it in play.

  3. @Auroch – I think you’d have to know that it’s a sure thing, or very nearly a sure thing. In the Naya versus Ascension match up, I wouldn’t mulligan very aggressively for Leyline (say, not lower than six cards) as a reasonable Ascension player is likely to keep their bounce spells in.

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