Upcoming major Magic events in the Bay Area

In the extended…

There are several major Magic events coming up this summer in the Bay Area (including “greater Bay Area” sites like Sacramento). They are:
2007 Regionals
These feed into the National championship. The format is Standard constructed. Players must bring pen, paper, card sleeves and “appropriate counters.” Our two Regionals are:
SF Bay Area – June 9, 2007
Sacramento – June 9, 2007
Both are being run by the folks at Matchplay (or whatever they’ll be called next, should they find a location).
Click here for more information about 2007 Regionals
2007 States
The State championshiops will occur in two formats, Standard and 2HG. I say “will” occur, but according to the site, 2HG has already happened. Standard States lists the date as TBD. For reference, this year’s 2HG was in Costa Mesa. I have no idea where the Standard States will be.
Click here for more information about 2007 States
Pro Tour San Diego 2007
Pro Tour San Diego runs from June 29 to July 1 of this year. The PT is a Time Spiral block 2HG booster draft event. The PT Qualifiers feeding into it are 2HG sealed deck, with draft for the final four teams. There will be a Bay Area PTQ for San Diego held at the San Jose convention center on May 19th. That’s just over two weeks from today. It costs $45 per team to enter.
Click here for more information about PTQs for San Diego
Click here for the Matchplay site, which should have information about the PTQ
Grand Prix San Francisco
Grand Prix events are sort of an odd hybrid of Pro Tour and PTQ. No invite is required, and there are PT invites given out, but there are also cash prizes (although not on the order of the cash prizes for a PT).
There’s a Grand Prix scheduled for San Francisco on August 25th and 26th of this year. The format is Time Spiral block constructed, and the invites (if you hit top 16) are to Pro Tour Valencia (the one in Spain, not in SoCal).
Click here to read more about Grand Prix events