This week’s In Development – When a Vengevine replaces a Thrinax

Looking for something to do with your Jund cards in the last month (or two, if you’re online) of Shards-Zendikar Standard? Check out this week’s In Development for my latest deck design, which fuses the card quality of Jund with the power of the Fauna Shaman / Vengevine engine (conveniently, these concepts come partially pre-fused, as outside Mythic, who uses Fauna Shaman without Bloodbraid?).
As I recently alluded to in my discussion of Terry Soh’s Extended Fauna Shaman deck from PT Amsterdam, in building this hybrid Shaman / Jund design, I found myself wishing for more creatures with nifty functional effects in the current Standard. As it happens, the deck is powerful even in the absence of such basic standards as some kind of Nekrataal.
Click here to read the article, and then find me on twitter to let me know what you think.

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