This week’s In Development – Is a five-mana planeswalker always bad?

It’s In Development time again, and this week we’re looking at planeswalkers.
All the planeswalkers.
As we enter into a new set with two exciting planeswalkers that also have the misfortune to cost five mana, I’ve taken a walk in to the moderately theoretical to ask whether the mythical four-mana mark really distinguishes between good and bad when it comes to planeswalkers.
Click here to read the article.
If you’d like to see the guts behind how I tried to launder everyone’s favorite planeswalkers into their worth in virtual mana, you can click here to download the file. It’s a Numbers file, which I suspect should import reasonably well into other spreadsheet applications.
So go check out the article and then find me on twitter and let me know what you think.

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    Yeah, my MBP is my weapon of choice for most of my work these days. I’m pretty amphibious, though – in my office I have the Macbook (on which I’m now typing, albeit at home), a Windows machine, a Linux machine, and a now-ancient Sun.

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