Bay Area Magic events this weekend

This weekend features one “big” event of note and one “little” event that I wanted to highlight. I’ll start with “big” and move on from there.
This Saturday, the ChannelFireball Summer series culminates in a 5K at Superstars in San Jose. Unlike the 1Ks leading up to it, this event starts at 10am – so don’t show up two hours late as a super-sad panda. If you’re in the running for the overall series championship, remember that each match win at the 5K is worth 2 points instead of 1.
On the “small” side, we have the premier of Stanford FNM, courtesy of the Stanford Gaming Society. They’re a nice, chill group, and they’ve already been holding weekly drafts for a while now. This is an actual FNM, with an M11 draft, promo foils and everything. The event is at 7pm in Nitery 210, and if you’re coming, you might want to let Forrest Lin know (forrestl (at) I think it’s cool that Forrest and SGS are getting this together, so if you’re on campus or in the area, you might want to head on by and give it a shot.

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog, Alex! Glad you enjoyed the show last night, it seems that every seat at Viejas is a good one, since it’s a smaller venue, which is also why our ears are bothering us!Have a good one!

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