This week’s In Development – Fauna Shaman decks with Necrotic Ooze

It’s been a hectic time in the house of Gifts, as I’m preparing to head off to Japan in about a day for a research conference. However, despite it all I had some time to think about what I might play were I able to make it to States this weekend.
In a nutshell, it’s all about the Fauna Shaman.
This week’s In Development features a discussion of Fauna Shaman in Zendikar-Scars Standard, including a review of the expected varieties and two new decks featuring everyone’s favorite 4/3 Fauna Shaman, Necrotic Ooze.
Click here to read the article. As a special compare-and-contrast bonus, click here to read Gavin Verhey’s elucidation of a startlingly similar Fauna Shaman deck. A quick check shows that we chose 51/60 of the same card in our maindecks, and 11/15 in our sideboards, which is pretty cool given that we didn’t trade notes.

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