In Development – Corvettes, Cobalts, and you

It’s In Development time again!
This week, I’m following up on a survey I posted last week, wherein I asked what people like best and hate most about Limited and Constructed. The goal? Figure out how to generate crossover appeal, so that those of us who are meh about Limited or bleah about Constructed can learn to love each other’s favorite formats.
And, not at all coincidentally, maybe actually go hit up some PTQs even if they aren’t in the formats we adore.
I got a great survey turnout, and it’s led to what I hope will be an enlightening article.
…and, of course, it let me compare Corvettes and Cobalts.
Click here to read this week’s article, and then find me on twitter to let me know what you think.
Both images are used under a Creative Commons license. The Corvette picture comes from Axel Schwenke and the Cobalt pic comes from the cryptically named Atomic Taco.

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