Tools for mana base design

It's an ugly hand, but it worked
Welcome, In Development readers. This page contains the spreadsheet that I used to generate the color coverage and color depth data for this week’s column. It’s a simple little tool that lets you monkey with mana bases “in real time” and watch how this impacts your deck’s ability to not just get access to colors, but get the right depth of access to those colors – along with a few other tricks.
Here is the original Numbers spreadsheet that I used to generate the data in the article. The directions for using it are in the spreadsheet itself:
Click here to get the Mana Base Worksheet for Numbers
For Excel users, I’ve made versions in both .xls and .xlsx format:
Click here to get the Mana Base Worksheet as an .xls file
Click here to get the Mana Base Worksheet as an .xlsx file
For the Excel versions, the instructions are not included in the file, so you’ll want those, too:
Click here to get the instructions in PDF format

6 thoughts on “Tools for mana base design

  1. Hi there Mr. Shearer.
    I am very interested in this Mana Base Design spreadsheet; in particular I would really like to know whether an Excel version will be soon available for downloads?
    Thank you, Mr. Shearer.

  2. Read your article on Channelfireball, loved this and the idea of the mana base design spreadsheet. Can you post in Excel?

  3. Grretings, I have also came here through Channelfireball. Great article, great work. I guess making such spreadsheet is not difficult, but maybe it will cost you less work, if you can convert it to Excel or openoffice format. Please?
    Thanks a lot.

  4. So we now have Numbers, Excel, and ‘new’ Excel versions for everyone. They should all work the same, as far as I know. Let me know if there are any issues.

  5. Hi there Mr. Shearer!
    I would like to thank you for your time, providing us with the Excel version of this nice Mana Base calculator.
    Keep up your nice articles on the Channelfireball site, Mr. Shearer. Along with PV’s, your articles are the ones I’m waiting to read first each week on Channelfireball.
    Thank you, Mr. Shearer.

  6. Thanks for providing the tools. Excellent stuff!
    Just ran a deck that I like but I find the mana base a little suspect, lis is here.
    It’s better than I thought, but still a little rough for a deck that really wants both UU and RR at different times. Needs opposing color duals, which of course don’t exist in Standard, in addition to Scalding Tarns.
    I just suggested to the authors of Decked Builder that they include these stats. How cool would that be?

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